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Research in NMOSD

Due to the rarity of NMOSD currently there is little research available . Hence the importance for the 2 national centres to recruit as many of the NMOSD population into different trials as possible. This will gain  further understanding towards future treatment and management of NMOSD

Please contact the following for further information;

Dr Saif Huda consultant neurologist at Walton Centre, Liverpool. 0151 556 3532
Professor Jackie Palace consultant neurologist at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford 01865 231905
Professor Angela Vincent consultant immunologist at John Radcliffe.

Some of the current research


  • UK Rituximab usage in NMOSD. Not yet completed.  This is an audit examining the efficacy and safety of rituximab therapy in the UK NMOSD cohort
  • Prednisolone and bisphosphonate usage in Liverpool NMOSD cohort
  • Data collection regarding CD 19/27 results in relapsing rituximab patients
  • Causes of death in AQP4-IgG NMOSD (Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder)

 Clinical trials

  • Phase 1b study of ABX-1431 in patients with NMOSD and related disorders (ABIDE Therapeutics). ABX-1431 is new, potential therapy for chronic central neuropathic pain. It is an oral medication that modulates the endocannabinoid neurotransmitter system.  Oxford and Liverpool are the two centres for this trial. Trial closed and results pending.
  • Phase 3 double blind trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of eculizumab in relapsing NMO patients (PREVENT Study, Alexion Pharmaceuticals). Eculizumab is a terminal complement inhibitor. This is an international trial. Dr Jacob is the lead investigator in the UK and we have three patients enrolled in the study in the UK. Trial closed and results were strongly positive

 Other research projects

  • Treatment of MOG-IgG-associated demyelination with Rituximab. A multinational retrospective study. Initial results presented at AAN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, April 2018.  Lead investigator: Dan Whittam
  • A multicentre retrospective review of MRI in patients with MOG-IgG-associated demyelination. Presented at ABN Annual Meeting in Birmingham, May 2018.  Lead investigator: Saif Huda
  • Comparison of fixed high dose with variable low dose rituximab in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. Presented at ABN Annual meeting in Edinburgh, May 2019. Lead investigators: Tricia Kelly and Dan Whittam
  • A clinical proteomics study to understand the immune tolerance mechanisms in patients with MOG-Ab demyelinating disease. Lead investigator: Saif Huda
  • Advanced MRI study to understand the structure and function of the brain in patients with NMOSD. Lead investigator: Amal Alorainy
  • International approaches to treatment of MOG IgG. Lead investigator: Dan Whittam
  • Study to investigate T-cell mediated immunity, the effects of treatment and the role of the gut in causing NMOSD. Lead investigator: Hari Krishna
  • A prospective study to investigate the burden of infections in patients with NMOSD. Lead investigators: Tricia Kelly and Dan Whittam
  • A retrospective study to investigate clustering of autoimmune diseases in patients with NMOSD. Lead investigator: Sam Linaker
  • A retrospective study of patients with paraneoplastic NMOSD. Lead investigators: Ali Daashti, Saif Huda and Venkatraman Karthikeayan.
  • Systematic review of treatment in MOG-Ab demyelination. Lead investigator: Anu Jacob
  • International Study of OCT in MOG-IgG demyelination. Lead investigator: Venkatraman Karthikeayan
  • Review of treatment outcome with IVIG in patients with MOG-Ab. Lead investigator: Saif Huda
  • International study of pregnancy outcomes in MOG-IgG. Lead investigators: Saif Huda and Sam Linaker
  • A cross-sectional study to examine the effect of employment, driving and relationships on quality of life in NMOSD. Lead investigator: Kerry Mutch