Tips for Memory

There are many techniques that can help you deal with memory problems, but it is up to each individual to try and test what will work for them and their families. Below are some suggestions;

♦  Relax, have a sense of humour and believe in yourself

♦  Concentrate on one thing at a time, turn off the TV or radio if trying to concentrate on something else.

♦  Keep important things in a designated place

♦  Keep a diary

♦  Try and tell people about your difficulties

♦  Work on strengths; some people are good with pictures, some good with names or numbers.

♦  Discuss your concerns about memory problems with doctors.

 Website has further useful tips to use.


Your Help

If you have any ideas or strategies that have been useful for you, please let us know as it may be helpful for others.

Tip from Ed

Ask the person to verbally repeat the task set eg will you buy some milk? ASK what do you have to buy? this makes the person actually process and think about the action