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Acute Relapse Management

In NMO disability accrues from relapses of the optic nerves or spinal cord.
Most relapses of NMO need to be assessed and treated promptly

If a patient presents in A+E or GP Practice with acute symptoms that have developed over 24 hours.

Optic Neuritis Symptoms
Pain behind eye
Vision may be blurred or lost completely
Loss of colour vision

Transverse Myelitis Symptoms
Weakness in arms and/or legs
Numbness or abnormal sensations in arms/legs/trunk
Severe pain between shoulder blades
Tight banding around the trunk, like being squeezed
Retention of urine

Initial Treatment
Rule out infection and treat with antibiotics if neccessary.
Intravenous methylprednisolone 1gram for 5 days
orally methylprednisolone 500mg for 7 days.

Please contact either NMO Centre for further Information and Advice

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford 01865 231 905

Walton Centre Foundation Trust 0151 529 8357

If you have problems out of hours, contact on-call neurologist at either hospital for advice.