The Walton Centre – Liverpool


                                           NMOSD Clinical Service at The Walton Centre, Liverpool
Tel: 0151 529 8357

Referrals received from consultant neurologists will be accepted, referrals direct from GP’s will be accepted if it is likely the patient has NMOSD or if the patient has AQP4 or MOG antibodies

Dr Anu Jacob, Consultant Neurologist, leads the NMOSD Service which provides the following:

  • Expert input on diagnosis, assessment and treatments
  • Acute admissions for relapse assessment and management
  • Remote advice to local medical teams
  • Patient telephone and email advice line, manned by the NMOSD Nurse Specialists
  • Access at clinic appointments to a full medical and therapy team (see below)
  • Written information and access to websites on NMOSD

Meet the Clinical Team

Lead Consultant Neurologist – Dr Anu Jacob  

Consultant Neurologist – Dr Martin Wilson

Dr Rachel Kneen -Consultant Paediatric Neurologist
At Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool. She runs a Neuro-inflammatory service at her hospital with rheumatology colleagues. She is a member of the UK Childhood Inflammatory Disorder Group. She is a key member of the Brain Infectious Group with the University of Liverpool and is involved in many clinical research projects involving childhood (and adult) brain infection and inflammation.

Post-CCT Fellow – Saif Huda

NMO Clinical Fellow – Dr Daniel Whittam 
A clinical fellow is a doctor who is gaining experience in NMOSD. Dan is involved in clinical care and undertaking research projects. You may be invited to participate in research.

NMO Nurse Specialists – Kerry Mutch, Sam Linaker and Tricia Kelly
Kerry, Sam and Tricia provide a point of contact for patients and professionals and providing education and emotional support. They are responsible for ensuring the care of all patients linked in to the service through audit and appraisal as well as providing teaching for nursing staff from neurology units across the north of England.

Orthoptist: Val Trimble
My role is to carry out an assessment of your vision and discuss your day to day visual needs and to ensure any visual defects are taken into account when treatment is being planned. Advice will be given in the NMOSD clinic and any further interventions required can then be arranged locally.

Clinical Psychologist: Dr Perry Moore
My role as a clinical psychologist in the NMOSD Service in Liverpool is to support people with the psychological adjustment to having NMOSD. I will discuss your mood in depth and ask how it is affecting your work, study, home life and social activities. We would then discuss strategies to start to address problems. Some self-help information can be offered and we will discuss what psychological support you could access near where you live. Family members are also asked how they are managing and strategies to use as a couple or family can also be identified. Problems with memory and thinking are assessed and can be tested. We aim to monitor your mood throughout the course of your illness and provide psychological support when you need it. You will be followed up at subsequent clinic appointments.

Occupational Therapist
The occupational therapist’s role is to maintain your independence in everyday activities that you want and need to do. This includes activities that you may be finding difficult or have stopped doing due to your symptoms, such as fatigue, including personal care, domestic tasks, hobbies and employment activities. Occupational therapists work with you to problem solve and find different ways of doing things or suggest alternative activities to maintain your independence and well-being.

The physiotherapist’s role is to identify and make the most of movement ability by health promotion, preventive advice, treatment and rehabilitation. Patients are encouraged to take an active role to help make the best of their independence and function.

The role of our dietitian is to provide advice about nutrition and health. They can also advise about food related problems in disease and health and can give advice regarding weight loss particularly whilst on steroids.

NMOSD Co-ordinator – Jackie Thomas

To ensure that the service is administered effectively, the NMO Coordinator has close contact with all the healthcare professionals previously mentioned. They also arrange clinics, admissions, investigations requested by the neurologists (such as MRI) and the transfer of information between these healthcare professionals. You may also receive calls from the coordinator to remind you of your appointments.
They should be contacted to arrange appointments, request letters/patient information or as a point of contact if you are unsure who to direct a query to. The NMOSD Coordinator has daily contact with the clinical team and is therefore an excellent resource for patients.

Secretary: Annette Topping