Cardiff NMO Service

University Hospital of Wales – Cardiff

NMOSD Clinical Service at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Tel: 0292074 5403
Fax: 029 2074 4015

If you would like to be seen at this clinic,
please ask your local neurology consultant or general practitioner for a referral.
Professor Neil Robertson, leads the NMOSD Service which provides the following:
Expert input on diagnosis, assessment and treatments
Acute admissions for relapse assessment and management
Remote advice to local medical teams
Access at clinic appointments to a full medical and therapy team (see below)
Written information and access to websites on NMOSD

Meet the Clinical Team

Lead Consultant Neurologist – Professor Neil Robertson
Consultant Neurologist – Dr Trevor Pickersgill
Consultant Paediatric Neurologist – Dr Johann Te Water Naude
Our role is to ensure the correct diagnosis and offer the most appropriate
treatment for anyone with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of NMOSD.
Consultant Opthalmologist – Mr Conor Mulholland
The Ophthalmologist’s role is to review your eyesight and arrange any opthalmological tests you may need.