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NMO Service

It is essential for people with NMO to be treated early in their condition to prevent relapses and disability.
Referrals received from consultant neurologists will be accepted, referrals direct from GP’s will be accepted if it is likely the patient has NMOSD or if the patient has AQP4 or MOG antibodies

Aims of NMO UK Service

Ensure early correct diagnosis and treatment of adults and children with NMO .
Education and support of persons affected by NMO.
Source of information and education to health care professionals.

Benefits to NMO UK Service

  • Timely assessment and treatment of relapses
  • Relapse prevention
  • Symptom management
  • NMO Multi-disciplinary team assessment
  • Reduction in hospital admissions
  • Facilitation of hospital discharge
  • Shared neurological care with local neurology and therapy services
  • Emotional support with lifestyle changes
  • Improve standards of care for people affected with NMO
  • Participate in national and international research