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NMO Patient Day 2020 postponed

Posted on: March 5th, 2020 by nmouknhs

You will have seen from recent news reports that the geographical spread of Covid-19 has increased.

The NMO teams in consultation with ‘NMO spectrum UK’ have after discussions and consideration regretfully decided to postpone the patient NMO day due to the possible risks that may increase over the coming weeks due to the Covid 19 coronovirus outbreak. Because patients on immunosuppression would be at high or increased risk if they were to contract the virus, we do not feel planning a non-essential  group gathering is prudent.  We hope by giving everyone some warning we will minimise inconvenience and loss of expenditure to our NMO patient community and allow us to retain some of the costs so we can reschedule it when we are sure it is safe. We do not have a replacement date in mind, we will assess the situation in the upcoming months and keep you all updated. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, as expressed patient is safety is our number one priority.

Further advice on the virus is available via the links below:

COVID-19 advice, symptoms, tests and treatment

The BBC recently published a useful article outlining how to help stop the spread of viruses, symptoms of COVID-19, guidance for the public who think they may have COVID-19, and how the testing process works.

Government announcement about COVID-19

The Government met on 03.03.2020 about COVID-19 as part of their emergency planning procedure, and their action plan is now available on the website