We all need a break from time to time but travelling with a neurological condition can bring added considerations:

  • If you are on immunosuppression, chose a destination that is less remote and avoid areas with high risk of infection
  • Obtain a copy of your prescription and a copy of your most recent clinic letter to take with you
  • Take your medication in your hand luggage and keep in the original boxes or bottles with your name on them
  • Make sure you obtain adequate travel insurance – you must declare pre-existing conditions or it is very unlikely that you will be covered
  • Make sure that you obtain all the vaccinations needed for where you are visiting however if you are on immunosuppressive medications such as Mycophenolate, Azathioprine etc, you must not have live vaccines such as yellow fever – if you are unsure, give us a call
  • Take more medications than you need in case of delays – especially important if you are on prednisolone
  • Drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks
  • Wear factor 30+ sunblock
  • Avoid salads and foods on buffets

All of these are simple, sensible precaution so that you can enjoy your holiday.  Make sure you have our number with you 0151 529 8357 should you need any help from us and, most importantly, have a good holiday!

Useful Websites

Sun Exposure


Holiday information for people with disabilities
Challenges disability through outdoor adventure
Offers you a carefully selected range of overseas holidays
Provides respite care breaks for disabled people and their carers
Uk leading directory of services for disabled people/seniors and anyone whos life can be made easier by better access to services and amenities
Award winning hotel enabling disabled guests and their carers to have a period of respite in the Norfolk countryside
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Disability directory of local activities and courses
Action for blind site
Provides a range of accessible holidays & accommodation at affordable prices
Friendly travel agents specialising in people with a disability
Offering leisure activities and accommodation  for people with sensory and physical impairment

An excellent travel guide for disabled people provided by DPTAC (Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee), full of great advice! Wheel friendly Trails adding new walks in each addition published by a person in a wheelchair/scooter Website called: The accessible property register ( also sells property’s)Call 07749119385


Purpose: to provide mainstream alternatives for residential property and holiday accommodation, enhancing independence and choice for older and disabled people.


A charity dedicated to providing a permanent camp site in Surrey for disabled people of all ages.


Programme of supported disabled rambles in the UK using wheelchair accessible paths and trails. UK riding and carriage driving holidays for disabled people, only open to RDA Group members. Enabling disabled people to experience flying a light aircraft.


Charity operating in 8 regions around the UK for people with spinal cord injury, forms of paralysis, and neurological deficiency offering a huge range of sport activities