Everybody enjoys going on holiday. However if you have any disability, immense planning is required and many people think it is either not possible or too arduous. Luckily there are many organisations that have done the hard work for you and there are many opportunities. 

Tips for travelling in a wheelchair

Below are some websites to help you get on your way;

Useful Websites
Challenges disability through outdoor adventure
Offers you a carefully selected range of overseas holidays
Provides respite care breaks for disabled people and their carers
Uk leading directory of services for disabled people/seniors and anyone whos life can be made easier by better access to services and amenities
Award winning hotel enabling disabled guests and their carers to have a period of respite in the Norfolk countryside
Provides short breaks for disabled children, adults and carer’s
Provides tall ship sailing adventures
Provides courses for disabled  and disadvantaged young people
 Disability directory of local activities and courses
 Action for blind site
Provides a range of accessible holidays & accommodation at affordable prices
Friendly travel agents specialising in people with a disability
Offering leisure activities and accommodation  for people with sensory and physical impairment Website called: The accessible property register ( also sells property’s)Call 07749119385


Purpose: to provide mainstream alternatives for residential property and holiday accommodation, enhancing independence and choice for older and disabled people.


A charity dedicated to providing a permanent camp site in Surrey for disabled people of all ages.


Programme of supported disabled rambles in the UK using wheelchair accessible paths and trails. An excellent travel guide for disabled people provided by DPTAC (Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee), full of great advice! UK riding and carriage driving holidays for disabled people, only open to RDA Group members. Enabling disabled people to experience flying a light aircraft.


Charity operating in 8 regions around the UK for people with spinal cord injury, forms of paralysis, and neurological deficiency offering a huge range of sport activities Wheel friendly Trails adding new walks in each addition published by a person in a wheelchair/scooter

Your help 

If you have any tips that have made planning /going on holiday easier please contact  nmo.advice @the walton to share your idease with others

Tip from Hannah
If you struggle with the heat, dont go abroad in July and August.
Inform the airline of your disabilities when booking the flights, they will often give you extra luggage allowance. I found Monarch Airlines very helpful assigning me a person to help me from start to finish.
Alicante Airport was a bad experience as I was just left to get on with it and no help offered.

Suggestions for places to go abroad
Tenerife, Mary Sol Christianos Good starting place as it has everything, equipment, hoists, floats in pool, able to buy in personal care.
Portugal, the owner had spinal injury and is tetraplegic, his wife was a nurse on the spinal unit, you can pay for her to care for your needs, they also provide a vehicle with wheelchair access so youre not stuck in one place, it is really good and feels like a holiday