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Rituximab Funding

Request for Rituximab Funding

Rituximab is an effective drug in preventing relapse in some cases of NMOSD. It’s not proven to be superior to other drugs. That and the high costs prevent its universal first line usage in NMOSD.  NHSE (through highly specialised commissioning) has agreed to provide rituximab in select patients for 1 year. Current guidelines mean that it is only used in patients who have failed a first line drug (i.e relapse while on Prednisolone + therapeutic dose of Azathioprine (2-3mg/kg) or MMF (1—1.5g bd) or MTX 15-20mg/week) for more than 4 months. Intolerable side effects after exhausting first line options will also be considered. If effective, the local NHSE hub will continue to fund and reimburse rituximab. It is the responsibility of the treating physician to apply to the local NHSE body for continued funding.

If you think your patient needs Rituximab, please contact the NMOSD service, Walton Centre with the completed form below emailed to

Rituximab Funding request form