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Latest Covid-19 Information

Posted on: June 29th, 2020 by nmouknhs

What has changed?

The government has updated its guidance for people who are shielding, taking into account that COVID-19 rates have decreased significantly over the last few weeks.


  1. People who are shielding remain vulnerable and should continue to take precautions but may now choose to leave their home, as long as they are able to maintain strict social distancing. If you choose to spend time outdoors, you may do so with members of your own household. If you live alone, you can spend time outdoors with one person from another household. Ideally, this should be the same person each time.
  2. If you do go out, you should take extra care to minimise contact with others by keeping 2 metres apart. This guidance will be kept under regular review.

From July 6th

  1. You may, if you wish, meet in a group of up to 6 people outdoors, including people from different households, while maintaining strict social distancing
  2. You no longer need to observe social distancing with other members of your household
  3. In line with the wider guidance for single adult households (either an adult living alone or with dependent children under 18) in the general population, you may from this date, if you wish, also form a ‘support bubble’ with one other household. All those in a support bubble will be able to spend time together inside each other’s homes, including overnight, without needing to socially distance

From August 1st

  1. Shielding will be paused. The government is advising you adopt strict social distancing rather than full shielding measures. Strict social distancing means you may wish to go out to more places and see more people but you should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household or support bubble.
  2. You can go to work, if you cannot work from home, as long as the business is COVID-safe
  3. Children who are clinically extremely vulnerable can return to their education settings if they are eligible and in line with their peers. Where possible children should practise frequent hand washing and social distancing
  4. You can go outside to buy food, to places of worship and for exercise but you should maintain strict social distancing
  5. you should remain cautious as you are still at risk of severe illness if you catch coronavirus, so the advice is to stay at home where possible and, if you do go out, follow strict social distancing

The guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable group remains advisory. More detailed advice will be updated in this guidance as the changes in advice come into effect on July 6th and August 1st.

Unless there is a significant rise in cases the shielding programme is expected to be paused from August 1st.

Those in receipt of centrally provided food boxes and medicine deliveries will continue to receive this support until the end of July if they want it.

Read further information on schools and the workplace for those living in households where people are shielding.

Please note, this guidance is up to date as of June 29th 2020.  Please continue to regularly check the website for modifications to the above.